Track Jacket


Woke up very early

Brand new bland day

Magic mirror in the corner

Of my cold room, I change

You’re still sleeping

So, I take this time to weep

Next to magic mirror

Then when you awake, I change


Turn around

Don’t look at me at this hour

It takes my all not to bawl

To put on my converse

Then a fake smile


You brush my brown hair

And the worries away

We get ice cream

From the place down the road

You tell me about your research and dreams


Bleak glee burns so much

When you’re tired

Your face takes me

Somewhere I can’t explain

You set me free

Its likes I’m turning back

Before all the pain

All of it dissipates

Behold me in the dark


Your track jacket on my back

Baby blue shades cover me now

Dance in the park

Hold my left hand

We spend the night

If you’d like we can slow dance

We can slow dance

We can, we can slow dance

We can, we can slow dance

We can slow dance, we can

We can slow dance

layabout artist disguised as an aspiring scholar. posting poems and short stories about America, neo-liberalism, and songs I write for friends and me