You were under the streetlight

Drunk on love

As I ran towards my friends' car

If I could turn back time

I would cause

You looked so good in hindsight

Pressed against the window

The flashbacks

Appeared like random scars

Everyone’s laughter provided cover

For the impending doom



I snap a picture of your hazel eyes

The flash blinds

But we still kiss

I ask you just to stay

Cause I’ve never felt this way

And I want you to know

I got us both promise rings

When we get back to work, but

It’s raining outside…


(Banished into fable I rediscovered)

I should have predicted it on day one

So much for happily ever after all

But, the questing beast did tell me to run

(Where’s my knight in shining armor?)

All of your kindness was just for show

And falling for it was an…


I still see us under those

Arctic treelines

What about love?

I get high, but it’s just not right

Knowing that I lost a chance

At a life uncontested

I tread blindly through the mud

Wondering where it all went wrong

The waking of the trolls tramples

Over me…

Red Winter


Revolution is like fighting against

Something you can’t ever see

A cold Russian winter with

Dead bodies scattered across the street

Defeat is like anticipating

The death of a love before it begins

Train cars full of hope being

Shipped away to Siberia


The dead of…

Your Life (Demo Version)


There are some rules I was used to

“Always stay quiet”

“Don’t correct your name”

“The way they treat you it’s all okay”

Can’t figure out what I am to you

Am I an academic

Or just an artistic fool?

But, what if I told…



There's this thought rumbling in me

Little by little it comes up

A fixture on my mind

So dreamy


If you want to see a bit more of me

You can simply stare from the street

You look so stupid standing there

Standing there




Slowly, but Surely (Demo Version)


I walk quietly

Cause little noise is too much

Did I hurt you?

And did I somehow damage you?

If I fight back

It’s cause I don’t want to lose you

If I’m holding back

It’s cause I’m afraid of scaring you




Wake up

He’s right there at your door

Gold trails followed him all the way here

There’s so much in the world

But right now he only wants you

Wants you

You oh

You oh

He only wants you

Wake up

He’s right there at your door

Gold trails…


layabout artist disguised as an aspiring scholar. posting poems and short stories about America, neo-liberalism, and songs I write for friends and me

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